Ask my clients why they chose me and you’ll get different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on: I deliver results.

Maybe you are a sales leader trying to optimize your team, or you are a sales enablement professional who needs a bit of guidance from an old pro. Think of me as the Alfred to your Batman!

Sales Enablement Assessment & Framework


This is the best option for kicking things off with Sales Enablement. This service includes an inventory and gap analysis of current sales productivity materials, then provides a blueprint for moving forward with Sales Enablement in your organization.

Sales Process Optimization


Do you have a sales process that considers the customer's perspective, or is it all about you? This service analyzes your current sales process and provides an optimized enablement framework for your sales team to guide the customer on their journey with you.



How many boring Sales Kick Offs or Sales Meetings have you experienced, where all you got out of it was a hangover and some fun times with your colleagues? Organizations spend a lot of money bringing sales teams together for a Sales Kick Off... this package designs an SKO or Sales Meeting that everyone will value!

New Hire Onboarding


Want a world-class onboarding program framework for your sales team? This service provides you with the design, or the design and full implementation, of a proven program that will get your new sales hires up and running quickly.

Ongoing Enablement


It's so important to always be learning. Maybe there is a specific skill your SDRs need to improve upon; or maybe you haven't quite gotten the swing of that Challenger stuff. This service will help!

Advisory Services


This monthly service gives you access to my expertise on any area in your sales or customer success organization that needs some focus. Think of me as the tennis pro you hire to improve your serve or take your game to the next level.

In the words of a Client...


SKO-in-a-Box was exactly what we needed to create a low-stress event for my sales leaders and me, which allowed us to focus on participation and  enjoying the event. Melissa provided guidance around what was possible to accomplish in the time given, so we had a good mix of information and  exercises to provide the best experience for the attendees. She provided coaching and support to the content creators and facilitators, ensuring everything was connected to the theme and completed in enough time so we had everything we needed well in advance of the event. If I won the lottery, left the organization and flew myself to a private  island, our Kick Off would have still run without a hitch because it was so well prepared!

Jocelyn Brown, SVP Customers and Revenue - Allocadia